Shirin Tabeshfar Houston

Shirin studied fine art in Tehran followed by further courses in art and design in Bristol, Bath and London. She established her career as a graphic designer and illustrator but her passion was always painting and during her career as a designer she also had several painting exhibitions. Her decision to follow her passion and pursue a career in fine art has led to enormous success with exhibitions at the Fairfax Gallery and Cricket Fine Art in Chelsea.


In her paintings Shirin explores images of the past, visually collected shapes and patterns, images and forms, the structure of our memories.


"I use a variety of techniques including staining, layering and scraping the surface. The final composition evolves naturally, though often via a phase of chaos, and is typically very different to what I initially imagined."


Shirin's brushwork is expressive and evocative and the lively intricacy of line all contribute to her finished paintings.