Rose Eva

The sense of touch is as important to the sculptor as the sense of sight.  A sculpture will only reveal all its secrets when it is examined with the hands as well as the eyes.

Rose Eva studied history of art at the Courtauld Institute in London, and worked as a specialist in the Modern British Art Department of Phillips Auctioneers, now Bonhams.  She has curated exhibitions, such as the 150th anniversary exhibition for the Heatherley School of Art, and written catalogue entries and articles on art.  Rose has, therefore, spent all her adult life studying works of art, and it is this extensive visual education that has informed her own art, and made up for her lack of formal practical training.

She works in exotic and colourful stone, sourced from all over the world, and creates highly polished, sensuous sculptures based on the human form.  Her bronze work is more abstract and explores human relationships, specifically those of a mother with her children and partner.

Rose has exhibited widely in the UK, as well as in Paris and New York.  Public commissions include ‘Deeper than Skin’ for Salisbury District Hospital, a commission won in a national competition.

In 2021, Rose won the Sculpture Prize at the Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries.