Chloë Lamb

One of the most significant changes in 20th century art was when the artist sought to FIND and not to MAKE an image.To FIND meant the artist sought to interpret the first abstract mark, colour or shape that they brushed onto the canvas.This is an exciting and adventurous way to paint, meaning the artist cannot predetermine the paintings direction. Chloe has become a daring and fluent user of this method as all her paintings show.

Her works are full of linear twists and turns as she chases her imagination over the canvas surface. Her sensitivity to colour rhythms and her dynamic use of large brushes and double cream paint give her work a luscious quality, inviting the observer to enjoy and participate in her every action and colour nuance. Few artists can paint wet into wet as she does to the palpable enrichment of the paint surface.

The impact of her paintings are on two levels. She has an abstract feel for areas of colour bounded by searchingly expressive lines that build forms that challengingly come together in many original ways to compose and lock the picture plane. On another level one can read the tantalising forms of a rich and sensuous landscape that invites the observer to search and enjoy the originality of the artists poetic sensitivity.

The artist has also a great interest in figure groups that are more simply rendered.These have an elegant ease about them and are finely felt and observed.They always prove a most popular addition to every exhibition.

Chloe, is one of those rare painters whose real love of paint, brush mark and distinctive compositional form raise her above other professional painters. One cannot but help to join and rejoice with her in the exuberance and passion of her painting journey. She has a rare and most welcome gift that lifts the spirits and satisfies the senses . I am always left with an expectation and longing for the next exhibition.

Robin Child, 2012