Dione Verulam

Dione Verulam was born in 1954.


She was brought up in Sussex and went to Exeter university in Devon where she read History and Archaeology.


She is married with four children and since marrying has lived near St Albans, firstly at Gorhambury and for the last five years in a farmhouse nearby.


At school Dione was always interested in art and before university went on the John Hall course in Venice. Since that time she has been an avid visitor to museums and galleries and her quest for knowledge about established artists is never ending.


Some 29 years ago Dione founded the Gorhambury Group which ran one day a week with a succession of art masters. It began with a concentration on drawing and then moved into paint, watercolour, oils and pastels. To this day the core members of the group still meet on an annual basis for a one day drawing course. She is also an occasional student at the University of Hertfordshire where she attends a printmaking class.


Dione and her mother traded as Verona Stencilling and worked for private clients, interior decorators, hotels, restaurants and three churches.


A few years ago Dione started making collages. The tearing, cutting and laying of one coloured shape beside another gives her a freedom that she loves but her true inspiration comes from her home, the foreign lands and people she visits and her constant source of delight and fascination with the human race.


For Dione arts and crafts go hand in hand with painting, she has designed carpets, corten steel cutouts, needlework and a weathervane. She has produced painted and stencilled screens and has also stencilled curtains and cushions. Some of these designs can be seen on her website.


Dione's work is in collections in the UK, America, Switzerland and Spain.