Jo Vollers

Jo Vollers was born in Melbourne in 1955. She grew up in an artistic and musical family – her father was an accomplished watercolourist who exhibited widely. After bringing up her family in Devon, Jo studied drawing and composition at Heatherly's School of Fine Art in London, and over the past few years her artistic development has been guided by Robin Child and Salliann Putman. Much of her inspiration comes from studying the work of great 20th century painters such as Ivon Hitchens, Peter Lanyon and Joan Eardley. These influences have inspired fluidity and freedom in Jo’s work.

The excitement of mixing the palette and creating the colours with their varied tones is always Jo's starting point. Subject matter is less important than the abstract qualities of the painting. She enjoys painting landscapes, still lifes and flowers through the seasons from her garden. Jo understands the importance of translating what she sees, using her brushes and palette knives, ‘finding’ rather than ‘making’ the painting.

Jo is a member of the South West Academy and exhibits with various galleries in Devon. She has also exhibited with the Chelsea Art Society and Llewellyn Alexander gallery in London.