Sue Campion

Sue Campion RBA is primarily a colourist. She works in oil and pastel combining wonderful rich colours with a strong sense of pattern and design. The subject of her works range from Shropshire hills and portraits to the Thames, southern Europe and Australia.
Originally Sue trained as a display artist in London during the 1960s. She left England and lived abroad in Spain and America before returning to England, and opening a gallery. She then returned to college and studied Fine Art at Nottingham Polytechnic. Sue works from her studio in Shrewsbury and paints the Shropshire landscape as well as travelling and painting in Spain, Italy and Australia. She has had many solo and group shows and has work at Rowleys House Museum and the Courtauld Institute.
Sue Campion is a member of the Royal Society of British Artists.


Review by Lisa Takahashi

'Like the landscapes of painters such as Bonnard, Derain and Van Gogh, there is a real sensitivity to colour – using colour to express real emotion; a careful selection of harmonious palettes that not only evoke a sense of place but also convey half lost memories, dreams, and wistful emotion.'


1944 Born in London
1960-62 Studied as a display artist
1986-90 BA (hons) Fine Art Nottingham Trent University
1984-86 Travelled and painted in Spain, Belgium and Sweden
2007 Elected member of RBA

2017 Twenty Twenty, Much Wenlock
2016 The Russell Gallery
2016 The Minster Gallery, Winchester
2015 Twenty Twenty, Much Wenlock
2014 The Russell Gallery, Putney, London
2013 Twenty Twenty, Much Wenlock
2012 The Russell Gallery, Putney, London
2011 Twenty Twenty, Much Wenlock
2010 The Russell Gallery, Putney, London
2009 Rowley Contemporary Art, Winchester
2009 Twenty Twenty, Much Wenlock
2008 The Russell Gallery
2007 Medici Gallery
2007 Twenty Twenty, Much Wenlock
2007 Rowley Contemporary Art, Winchester
2006 The Russell Gallery
2005 Medici Gallery
2004 The Russell Gallery, Putney, London
2002 David Curzon Gallery, Wimbledon, London
2001 New Grafton Gallery, Barnes, London
2000 The Medici Galleries, London
1999 The Medici Galleries, London
1999 New Grafton Gallery, Barnes London
1997 New Grafton Gallery, Barnes, London
1997 The Ashbourne Gallery, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
1995 The Barnes Gallery, Barnes, London