Iain Nutting

Art and conservation has been a theme throughout Iain Nutting's life. Always drawn from life and most often constructed in reclaimed steel, Iain Nutting’s sculptures reflect his passion for art and his belief in the importance of the conservation of animals and of the natural environment. Each piece is unique. Through his work Iain continually strives to remind us of the importance of protecting our own links with the natural world and the endangered species which live within it.

From a young age Iain produced drawings and paintings and harboured the ambition to become a successful artist. When he was in his mid-teens Iain decided he wanted to make sculpture his main vehicle of expression, and began to weld together small pieces of metal in his father's shed.

Iain’s passion for conservation also began as a child. He was first introduced to the idea of conservation by his primary school teacher. The awareness of how expanding populations of people were destroying rainforests and the natural habitat of animals was something that Iain recalls finding both interesting and at the same time disturbing.

After leaving school Iain completed a foundation course at the Canterbury College of Art and went on to gain a BA (Hons) in Sculpture, at St. Martin's School of Art, London (1981-1983). After graduating, Iain used his carving, modelling, welding and casting skills to secure a position as a conservation technician at the Tate Gallery. In the 1990s he worked as an assistant to the sculptor Antony Gormley and as a freelance conservator.

However, Iain’s first commitment has always been the production of his own sculpture which has continued to evolve since his graduation from St. Martin’s.

Throughout his career Iain has had regular exhibitions of his work including showings at the RA Summer Show, various local and London art galleries and regular attendance at prestigious international art fairs in London and around the world. His most recent show was with the Society of Wild Life Artists at the Mall Gallery, London.

His work can be seen in the public collection of Leicestershire Council, Worthing Hospital and London and Quadrant Housing and following a direct commission Nutting installed a number of his works into a prestigious office development on Bishopsgate, London.

Iain Nutting’s work is now collected across Britain, Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

He has recently moved to Wales where he lives and works.