Bella Pieroni

Bella Pieroni (nee Kevill) studied Fine Art at Southport and Liverpool Colleges of Art. Focusing on painting and lithography, Bella’s studies led to her obtaining a National Diploma in Design and an art teaching degree. Bella then spent three years teaching art to A Level in a school near Bristol after which time, she moved to London and worked for the next ten years in design. It was then that Bella believes her real education began, under the tutelage of Antonia Black. By the mid 90s she had discovered the work of the enigmatic visionary painter, Cecil Collins, and actively sought to study under a number of gifted teachers whom he had taught.

Bella Pieroni is an influential, contemporary fine artist focusing her attention on the dynamism of the human form. Her drawings are worked mainly in naturally occurring media and with natural instruments, occasionally adding paint. Her works springs from the 'heart forces' and often because of this have a profound effect on people. This way of working is very much in the moment and captures the essence of model, movement and music with the intention of allowing the viewer as much input as possible so that the work can also become theirs. Music is almost always used when working, influencing the outcome and driving the energy. Bella is currently working on interpreting her drawings into large paintings on canvas.

Bella has been exhibiting both nationally and internationally for over 25 years and her work is in collections worldwide. In 1996 she founded PIERONI CONTEMPORARY ART, a gallery space based in Richmond, West London. The gallery provides a platform for the display of work across all mediums by both young and established artists. The gallery is well established on the Art Fair circuit, participating most notably at The London Art Fair and The Affordable Art Fair. Bella also exhibits with other galleries.