Kathy Montgomery

Kathy Montgomery's inspiration is taken from the figure or the landscape, but that is only a starting point. Her aim is not to represent exactly what she sees but to develop it into a dynamic composition and a harmonious whole. She uses colour to create a balance and a tension between abstract forms. Broken areas of opaque paint overlaying translucent washes punctuated by occasional scraped areas are characteristic of her work. Vibrant juxtaposition of colour, sometimes seemingly irrational, but nonetheless carefully analysed on the palette, creates an unexpected excitement.

Often a sensitive, deceptively random, drawing line links abstract shapes to suggest a horizon, a pathway, a distant clump of trees; the interpretation is left to the viewer. It is this mystery which the artist invites the observer to explore.

Kathy was born and educated in South Africa and after graduating with a BA at the University of Cape Town she moved to London in 1968, and has pursued her painting career ever since. Her work is held in private collections in the UK, France, New Zealand and the United States.