Rachel Ricketts

Rachel's studies in Fine Art were undertaken first at Bournville and then at Norwich School of Art where she gained a BA (Hons). She augmented her training by studying the conservation of antiquities and works of art, first at Lincoln College and then at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton; this was followed by a seven year period conserving and restoring wall paintings, predominantly in ecclesiastical buildings and in stately homes. Rachel ceased the peripatetic way of life demanded by this type of work in 1996, returning to her studio with the intention of painting. Inspiration to sculpt came along with her newly-acquired English Toy Terrier, who became her first — and very wriggly — subject.
Although extensive, her training did not encompass sculpture: in this she is entirely self-taught. However, her experience with materials and techniques, including patination processes, have proved invaluable as Rachel seeks to integrate the various visual disciplines she embraces.
In 2005 she was made an Associate of the RBSA as a sculptor and awarded Full Member status in 2008. In 2006 she was the recipient of the Lucas Sculpture Prize; and the Reg Lewis Sculpture Prize at the RBSA in the following year. 
Exhibitions of her 3D works include a solo exhibition of painted ceramic sculpture at the Orange Street Gallery, Uppingham, and a sculptural work (a response to folklore), was included in the 2017/18 travelling exhibition, Re-Imagining the Laws of England, venues for which included the Palace of Westminster. She also participated in Fresh Air (Quenington, 2017) and in 2019 was one of eight invited artists included in Sculptura at the RBSA Gallery.
Works held in permanent collections include two large sculptures installed at Hergest Croft Gardens in the Welsh Marches, a place close to her home and heart.