Kate Rhodes

KATE RHODES (b. 1966)

Kate studied Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art 1985-89, BA Hons, and at this time was awarded a scholarship exchange to the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Strasbourg for four months in 1988. Despite her work developing in different directions over the years, the influence of her traditional Scottish training is still in evidence. She has an intrinsic sense of colour, love of strong light and a confident use of line that were all established in Edinburgh.

Her inspiration comes primarily from the landscape and coastline. These vibrant and evocative paintings reflect the enjoyment she gets from working outdoors immersed in the atmosphere of the different places.

"Being there with my bag of kit, the changing light, the noises, the smells and the challenge of the elements are all very important to me. However I am not interested in just painting a view. For me painting is about finding the balance between the subject and the abstract."

Kate uses her drawings, painted sketches and memories as a starting point in the studio. Then her passion for pushing and pulling paint around and making marks, can take the work in different directions.  The challenge for her is to balance a very physical and instinctive application with the constant thought process so that each work becomes a personal project that goes beyond the obvious visual perception.