Ann Shrager

"As a child, my imagination caused many injuries – falling out of trees, off bikes, etc, because I imagined I could ride without hands or pick the highest apple. My mother was a genius with colour and should have been an artist. She was my best critic. My father made my frames and was just as excited at a red dot on one of my paintings as his frame. I have a vivid memory of visiting my parents’ artist friend's home when I was five. Paintings covering every inch of wall, the aroma of oil paint, turps and linseed oil. A model reclining on a sofa holding a glass of wine. I was hooked. The artist was Kenneth Snowman and he had studied at Byam Shaw at the same time as Peter Greenham.


I enjoyed Byam Shaw. We were free to choose where and what to paint. Bernard Dunstan was one of my tutors. “Paint what you love and love what you paint” was the best advice for all of us artists. It means you are emotionally involved in your subject and it shows. At the RA Schools, Anthony Eyton and Jane Dowling were my tutors. Jane taught me to use glazes and Tony to paint much larger paintings and use my energy."