A Welcome Visit from a Vlogger

Anne-Claire Fleer shares her experience visiting Cricket Fine Art Chelsea
January 17, 2018

I create art to experience freedom, using colours to say what I can’t express in words. My canvasses and other creative expressions (i.e. body painting and sculpture paintings) are colourful, chaotically structured and contrasting. Being able to share that part of myself and involving you as a viewer to find your own story is what drives and excites me!


Being at the start of my career, I believe I’ve grown exponentially, going from being unfamiliar with the art world not too long ago to having had 7 shows in the last 6 months, nationally and internationally, and weekly sales and commissions. I learn by taking risks, by doing and making mistakes and loving every bit of this process. Therefore I would describe myself as a bold, stubborn and energetic abstract artist. A creative explorer, committed to making a success of her creative career.


Now I can hear you think, great that you want to be successful, but how are you planning on doing that? Well, by working hard, improving, improving, improving, creating daily and participating in art courses and workshops. Additionally I think one can grow by getting to know more experts in the industry. This I aim at doing through continuing my vlogging adventure. In 2017 I started a YouTube channel in which I explore the contemporary art scene in London and try to find the gems that could potentially be a match with my work and vision. I choose a different area each week and my aim is to have every contemporary art gallery in London covered by mid 2018, before expanding beyond.


As always, when visiting a new area to vlog about the art scene, I prepare myself by spending time doing research. What galleries are there and which ones could potentially be a match with my work? This is how I found out about Cricket Fine Art, as I prepared myself to record my last vlog before Christmas, in Chelsea.


Cricket Fine Art was one of the last galleries on my schedule for that particular day. Their really nice and welcoming team explained to me that I walked into their winter exhibition. They have a couple of pieces there of (almost) every artist they represent. My first thought was, it must be so hard to create a cohesive exhibition with so many different artists and works.


However, this wasn’t the case at all. To be honest, the opposite was true. From the art on the wall I could immediately tell what their focus is as a gallery. Strong works existing of sweet, subtle and pastel colors. Moving pieces of art, a story being told, with neutral colors dominating. As an artist using lots of bright colour myself, to me that it very impressive. To me bright colours often provoke an immediate reaction, therefore I believe you need to be very talented in order to provoke that same reaction with a softer palette.


Jenny Lock
Oil on Canvas
31 1/2 x 31 1/2 in
80 x 80 cms

Vlogging my way around the the Fine Art gallery there of course were a couple of artists that really stood out for me. The first two that caught my eye were Jenny Lock and Kathy Montgomery. The former uses hardly any bright colors but still knows how to touch you with forms and contrasting black, whereas the latter uses a combination of pastel and bright colours in combination with movement that were a real pleasure to the eye. However, my favourite artist was Bob Aldous. His work really moved me.


Bob Aldous
Mother Earth Father Sky
Ink, watercolour and acrylic on silk
59 1/8 x 39 3/8 in
150 x 100 cms

His paintings are the first thing you see when walking downstairs and there is something so minimalistic, so moody, but so touching. It feels like being in a storm, wanting to cuddle up on the couch with a cup of tea and candles enjoying the noise of the storm outside. From his bio I understood that all his paintings have a poetic element in them, which totally makes sense when looking at them.


Altogether, I’m very impressed with Cricket Fine Art. Their carefully curated artists and their works really fit together, it is easy to understand what the fine art gallery stands for and they have a nice mixture on display between emerging and established artists. Based on my visit to the gallery and the excitement about my vlog from their side, I dare to say it is a real honour to collaborate with such a great and enthusiastic team. Make sure to visit them at their next event; the Affordable Art Fair Battersea from 8-11 March! Also, if you are interested in watching my vlog about Chelsea please visit my YouTube Channel Art by Anne-Claire Fleer. For more of my work you can visit my websiteanneclairefleer.com or let’s connect on Instagram Art by Anne-Claire Fleer!


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