Hugh Leslie Design and why Cricket Fine Art is invaluable

January 26, 2018



Creating a more beautiful world in which to live in might seem a tall order, but in reality that is what design is all about.  Providing a sense of style and order to the chaos of daily lives.    The way we live and the surroundings we choose to live amongst says so much about who we are.  It demonstrates how we care for ourselves and others and, more importantly, dictates how we travel through life.

At Hugh Leslie Ltd I’m in the enviable position to have a constant flow of exciting and interesting projects happening at any given moment.  Our projects range from townhouses in New York,  an estate in Hampshire, London houses, a flat in Edinburgh, apartments in Portugal and Spain as well as here in London and a few chalets in the Swiss Alps.    Often I’ll end up doing multiple projects for a single client.  People with multiple homes quite like the ease and flow of interiors that share a similar sensibility although sometimes a client might want interiors of varying contrast and styles.  That is how I like to work.   I don’t like the idea of a Hugh Leslie style.    Interiors need to reflect the people living there rather than the designer.   My job is to understand the client’s wants and desires and then guide them in order to create it.

In creating a bespoke look I will often design furniture and joinery and have it made specifically for the project and we are lucky to have a host of talented joiners, furniture makers and polishers etc.  able to make this possible and this, combined with a combination of design and decorative schemes, provides the basis to crafting interiors that people want to be part of and live in.

The finishing touches to a home or living space is a combination of objects and art that become the focal point of any room and allows, perhaps more than anything else,  a true expression of the individual.   Being very fond of pictures myself I put great emphasis on helping and advising in the purchase and collecting of art.  Cricket Fine Art is one of the galleries that I find invaluable.   I know that when I bring clients in that they will be guided by expert hands and treated with the utmost respect.  Their wide selection and knowledge of different periods and types of art makes Cricket Fine Art a pleasure to do business with. 


Hugh Leslie Design

29 Thurloe Street

London SW7 2LQ

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