The Affordable Art Fair 2018

March 13, 2018

Cricket Fine Art are proud to be exhibiting this year and you will find us located at D6 where you can meet our team and discover some of our fantastic artists. We have chosen three artists to look out for at The Affordable Art Fair this year.


Jenny Lock


Lock’s beautifully serene paintings are inspired by her close proximity to the sea and the rich and varied textures of the coastline. Lock says ‘Although I draw constantly, I prefer to paint intuitively, working directly onto the canvas and allow the paintings to emerge from a frenzied and chaotic fusion of line, colour and shapes. The process continues with erasing, scratching and gestural mark making until the desired composition and balance is achieved.’


Trudy Montgomery


Trudy Montgomery's approach to abstract landscape painting is founded on an exploration of color and compositional harmony, drawing inspiration from the natural open spaces of the English countryside and of California, where she lived for over ten years.


Often seen as a cross section of the landscape or sometimes as an aerial view, her work reveals a closeness that is rooted in the earth while at the same time flattened to give the feeling of distance. It is this distortion of perception and the ability to see multiple viewpoints simultaneously which interests Montgomery, reflecting an inner journey or travel in the mind's eye.


Clare Granger


The common theme in Clare Granger's work is an attempt to create an atmosphere in response to her subject, either landscape or figure, with the use of colour and tone. Her travel in Kenya has inspired a body of work which responds to the wonderful aura of the country and its people. Granger began her professional career whilst a student at Cambridge University by selling drawings to tourists. Since those early beginnings she has carried out numerous portrait and other commissions, including a portrait of the past president of the Law Society which now hangs in the Law Society's Hall, Chancery Lane. Granger has exhibited widely, including four One Man Shows and for the last two years, at the Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition.


For more information on any of the artists featured contact a member of our team in either our fine art gallery London or Hungerford art gallery. Keep up to date with our artists and galleries and follow us on Instagram and Facebook


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