Lottie Cole Social Media Takeover

Lottie let's us into her world
March 22, 2018

Lottie took control of our Facebook and Instagram last week to incredible feedback from our followers. Lottie's unique and instantly recognisable style is loved both on and offline and her posts were no exception to this.


Lottie started with an insight into her studio:


'I much prefer working in a domestic private space very much needing 'A Room of One's Own'.  I can see how it might be exhilarating and a good discipline to go to an external studio but for me painting as an extension of my domestic set up has been my aim for as long as I can remember.  In fact one of the main reasons I felt such a connection to the interiors at Charleston Farmhouse was how Vanessa Bell's bedroom connected directly to her studio.  During my maternity leave I was preparing for a show and I set up an easel in the kitchen and I absolutely loved painting in the thick of everyone, stirring a pot with one hand, painting with the other, not unsurprisingly my family was less convinced. I'm lucky enough to now have a studio on the ground floor of our house tucked away but close to all the daily activity.'
She later treated us to a beautiful new artwork that she had recently finished. 
'Building upon my last exhibition I'm continuing to create imagined interiors and exploring themes that interest me, such as under-celebrated women painters, horses, & mid-century ceramics .  Imagining a life, allows you to build a whole world and, for the duration of the painting, live in a certain way: be that whiling away an evening in an over-sized armchair, passed down through the family, or staring out across acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. My intention is to create a contemporary conversation piece - though on the surface it's a straight interior but at another level there is a lot of information about the thoughts and interests of the creator of the space.'

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